Just as I thought…

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It’s been a while since my last entry, things have been very tough. Work is thin on the ground, and I’ve not actually had full employment since I left Surer. The Fan has gone to ground, and no one seems to know where s/he is. And I’m left pondering as to what to do next. I know some people visit my blog every once in a while, so here’s my latest update…

I’ve been in London working on a few small projects, and some speculative stuff. The severance pay is almost gone, and I’ve taken up a job with an Internet start-up. Though I remain focused on my new job, I stumbled across this on the BBC’s Today programme… Listen in at 1 hour 18 mins. (Wednesday 18th Feb)


A new chapter…

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Big things brewing. I’ve got a new case, courtesy of my business partner who has amazing contacts. But it may be relevant to all this, and I’ve been advised not to give any updates till the while thing’s done and dusted—not even revealing the city where I’m going to be working for the next few weeks, let alone the OMG OMG high-profile private client who’s paying the bills.

So don’t expect any posts here for a bit. Quit your daily checks and half-hourly [F5] punching. But there’s a mailing list being set up over at Violette’s Dream, and if you sign up for that then… well, there’s no way the moderator there will be able to resist linking to it when I’m finally ready to tell all.

Dan out.

’twas a sad day to bury a great man

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Afternoon funeral, the weather sucked, I wish we could have at least had a bright – warm day which is what the old guy would have liked. It was nice to see some of the old-guard there, but the audacity of Blatchford has left me seething, to a point that I have also been told to lay-off Surer and not to say anything that could compromise my position and those helping me.

I am convinced he was instrumental in some of this tragedy. I saw him hugging Jock’s widow, I swear I saw him wipe a tear or two when Jock was cremated. Now all qustions about RRP re being handled by Blatchford – I don’t trust him.

RRP Operations in non-Surer places

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Whoa! I am baffled by the extent of weirdness associated with RRP operations. Surer had no business in some of the areas, as far as I know “Romania, Argentina, Peru” – what were they doing there?

Security, transit? And who was carrying out the operations? I was a senior member in a unit that had interests in the type of business RRP carried out, yet I know nothing of these operations. You can’t insure security, and when did a risk assessment company get involved in the transportation business?

I am more concerned about the 1998 job which is listed as “missing”. Could that be the package found in Texas? What is scheduled for Antwerp and Amsterdam in 2008?

All this brings me to The Fan. She’s gone AWOL since posting a Tweet, saying she had been cornered. This thing goes a lot deeper than I initially thought.

Hayder – Joost – human trafficking – Indonesia, and now this…

Hayder – gone, no trace of RRP.

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I’ve been digging around, and have come up with a corker! RRP has closed down, all files have been deleted from the system, and Surer is trying to distance itself from the project.

I have on good authority that there will be no trace of the project very soon. A contact (who shall remain unnamed) has suggested the access was available till this afternoon using the name I suggested in an earlier post, but used in reverse – guess what the rest was? “all that glitters is …”

Sorry for the late posts, I have been overtaken by developments, and am puzzled as to why so many of my co-conspirators are now bowing out of the picture – Fan!!!. Personally, I feel that things are just getting going, July was a month.

I am heading to Jocks funeral on Friday, the police are not saying much about Hayder, and I don’t speak much french. Just in case anyone who reads this knew Jock, I’ll pass your condolences to his family.

People in small offices, weilding godly power…

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I’ve mentioned Surer Risks history in previous posts, they have been around for years having initially been set up during WWII. One thing remains very undefined, and that is who owns Surer and which areas of industry the company has interests in.

One department springs to mind (I have to be very careful here) – the Rapid Recovery Project, otherwise known as RRP, a division of Surer Risk, run out of its Zurich office (and therefore beyond the oversight of London). I really don’t know what required rapid recovery, as I was one of the company’s main operatives, and nothing I was involved in needed urgent attention, well not of that kind anyway.

As far as I know, RRP has been run principally by Anthony Blatchford, one of Surer Risk’s trustees, but Edward Kamm and Peter Hayder recently been appointed to the Surer Risk board, have been drafted in to oversee the smooth running of the operation. Though this is a small unit in London, I believe it has deeper roots in Switzerland, which pre-dates the UK department. The people who work in RRP are kept apart from the UK staff, to be honest they are all drafted in from the Zurich office. The department handled business in the sunnier parts of the world, more akin to conflict areas, and having watched the Trustees Meeting video, I believe they are responsible for all the new and emerging business interest. Surer may have been protecting us from prosecution – UK law prevents us from doing anything that breaks a UN or UK law.

I now realise that the files I found on RRP reference a directory on the company server. The main document is in german, and looks like a spreadsheet or progress report, but I can’t make sense of it.

Prior to being appointed a trustee, Hayder controlled access to the RRP directory, and members of the unit reported to him. Ask anyone at Surer what RRP does, and you’ll draw a blank.

I’ll get back to you on our Hayder, once I find out how his first night in the slammer went. Did I ever mention he’s a Marlena Dietrich nut?


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Peter Hayder aka Joost Roorback – Surer Risk employee, picked up by the police today in relation to a heinous crime committed out in Asia. This really makes me wonder what Surer has been up to, and what I may have been implicated in during my employment with the company. Thanks to someone on an online forum for leaking a video of my public dismissal – and a mug shot of Hayder.

Here’s Joost!

Peter Hayder

Peter Hayder