RRP Operations in non-Surer places

Whoa! I am baffled by the extent of weirdness associated with RRP operations. Surer had no business in some of the areas, as far as I know “Romania, Argentina, Peru” – what were they doing there?

Security, transit? And who was carrying out the operations? I was a senior member in a unit that had interests in the type of business RRP carried out, yet I know nothing of these operations. You can’t insure security, and when did a risk assessment company get involved in the transportation business?

I am more concerned about the 1998 job which is listed as “missing”. Could that be the package found in Texas? What is scheduled for Antwerp and Amsterdam in 2008?

All this brings me to The Fan. She’s gone AWOL since posting a Tweet, saying she had been cornered. This thing goes a lot deeper than I initially thought.

Hayder – Joost – human trafficking – Indonesia, and now this…


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