Hayder – gone, no trace of RRP.

I’ve been digging around, and have come up with a corker! RRP has closed down, all files have been deleted from the system, and Surer is trying to distance itself from the project.

I have on good authority that there will be no trace of the project very soon. A contact (who shall remain unnamed) has suggested the access was available till this afternoon using the name I suggested in an earlier post, but used in reverse – guess what the rest was? “all that glitters is …”

Sorry for the late posts, I have been overtaken by developments, and am puzzled as to why so many of my co-conspirators are now bowing out of the picture – Fan!!!. Personally, I feel that things are just getting going, July was a month.

I am heading to Jocks funeral on Friday, the police are not saying much about Hayder, and I don’t speak much french. Just in case anyone who reads this knew Jock, I’ll pass your condolences to his family.


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