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People in small offices, weilding godly power…

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I’ve mentioned Surer Risks history in previous posts, they have been around for years having initially been set up during WWII. One thing remains very undefined, and that is who owns Surer and which areas of industry the company has interests in.

One department springs to mind (I have to be very careful here) – the Rapid Recovery Project, otherwise known as RRP, a division of Surer Risk, run out of its Zurich office (and therefore beyond the oversight of London). I really don’t know what required rapid recovery, as I was one of the company’s main operatives, and nothing I was involved in needed urgent attention, well not of that kind anyway.

As far as I know, RRP has been run principally by Anthony Blatchford, one of Surer Risk’s trustees, but Edward Kamm and Peter Hayder recently been appointed to the Surer Risk board, have been drafted in to oversee the smooth running of the operation. Though this is a small unit in London, I believe it has deeper roots in Switzerland, which pre-dates the UK department. The people who work in RRP are kept apart from the UK staff, to be honest they are all drafted in from the Zurich office. The department handled business in the sunnier parts of the world, more akin to conflict areas, and having watched the Trustees Meeting video, I believe they are responsible for all the new and emerging business interest. Surer may have been protecting us from prosecution – UK law prevents us from doing anything that breaks a UN or UK law.

I now realise that the files I found on RRP reference a directory on the company server. The main document is in german, and looks like a spreadsheet or progress report, but I can’t make sense of it.

Prior to being appointed a trustee, Hayder controlled access to the RRP directory, and members of the unit reported to him. Ask anyone at Surer what RRP does, and you’ll draw a blank.

I’ll get back to you on our Hayder, once I find out how his first night in the slammer went. Did I ever mention he’s a Marlena Dietrich nut?


To Jock…

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I really liked James “Jock” Forsythe, he was very supportive of me, to the point of breaking ranks with the rest of the Surer Risk pack.

To treat him this way is a travesty, life really can’t be that cheap! I am very sad, and find it hard to express how bitter I feel towards anyone who had a hand in this shady matter. Who would want him silenced, and why? Am I next in line for digging up some old secret? You won’t be the first, so don’t even try frightening me, I don’t scare easily!

You will never silence us, and I will do everything in my power to uncover your shady past. I am not alone, kill me and others will take up the search for truth and uncover your dark secrets.

I will miss you Jock.

Bogey Man “Wheat!” Game on, you are going down! I will frustrate you to the point of handing yourself over to the police.

Down, but NOT out!

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If you are reading my blog, you may have had a hand in my downfall. I am not bitter about this, especially as  I was set up by Snow White. She’s been playing us all!

So, here I am out of work, no more monthly Surer wage, and I need help finding out what is going on. There’s more to this than you and I may realise.

While clearing out my desk and computer files, I happened to find information that relates to my sacking – well that’s not entirely true. The information relates to something Snow mentioned prior to my French adventure, and an addressed envelope that was in the cache.

Unfortunately, I sold all the documents and jewelery-type things to an anonymous WWII collector, but I remember the name on the sealed envelope, and the initials on some of the documents. The name (which I am currently researching) was referenced to a 1998 incident where a Surer Risk assessor disappeared in  the same region of France, which is probably why the company freaked when I started asking questions.

Snow also mentioned that the cache I found was “part of a pair”, but didn’t tell me where the other was buried, but I don’t know whether this is another set-up.

If anyone is interested in helping me with this, I’d appreciate the assistance. I was going to post this to Violette’s Dream, but it’s now personal, and shouldn’t be confused with the gold hunt that seems to be going on.

I have changed my email address, not surprising as I have been sacked. Anything sent to Surer may be intercepted, so no messages to the old addy. I will reply to Violette’s Dream PM’s.

Life in the outside lane

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Well, that was a weekend. I may still be drunk, I’m not sure. Nothing like celebrating losing your job so publicly that you’ll never work in the industry again by going out and spending far too much money on booze.

Essentially, Surer Risk can go to hell. I’m done with them. One door closes so another gets kicked in, as they say.

What I did want to say, now I don’t have to be nice about Surer Risk any more, is a bit of an explanation about what happened on Saturday. Apart from the bit where I got fired. The pretext, prequel, whatever you want. I’m going to keep it short because the noise from this keyboard is making my head hurt.

Last month I went over to France, following a trail of clues. This was not a work thing, this was a personal bit of exploration. Someone had fed me some evidence that looked a trail leading to a WWII-era cache in… I’m not going to say where. I found the place, and dug it up.

But it wasn’t WWII. It was modern. Judging by the hallmarks on the gold, no more than ten years old. And the hallmarks are from a company that Surer has… let’s call it a ‘strategic alliance’ with. Plus some documents in a sealed envelope that I didn’t open and no longer own.

I’ve been asking questions, and nobody’s been giving me answers. That was the reason I got busted onto desk duty at work, and then defenestrated at the Trustees Meeting, ‘Gross misconduct’ my ass. They wanted me out of the picture.

But that doesn’t answer the question: who’s burying gold in France, and why? I went back to the person who set me on its path. Called herself Snow White. Trail’s gone cold. If you know anything about this character, contact me urgently: I need to speak to her.

I know the Fan knows something, but all I get is silence there too.