Going Hayder…

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I had a call from a colleague at Surer this morning, asking whether I had leaked information on Hayder to someone in America – I said “no”.

Seems Hayder spent the weekend in the office. They found him in the same clothes he had last week, looking “haggard, worried and had a wild air about him.”

Apparently he flew into a rage while grilling someone about the last Times announcement – allegedly saying “It’s all lost! I’m doomed, the message was lost!” Raging that “if anything happens to me, do you think you’ll be safe?” She started crying, he told her to “get out!”

From what I gather, he’s worried about several things:

  • The Times announcement not getting through – which leads me to believe he’s waiting for some response.
  • Something horrible could be about to happen to him.
  • Someone in America has uncovered something that may compromise his position at Surer.

I know that Snow White is in America, is this your handiwork?



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I’ve spent the night pondering about this. Mr Toasty has come through with one suggestion, but what does it mean? Are the numbers a combination to something we have missed, or are they for something about to happen? They are not GPS coordinates, neither are they connected with anything I’ve encountered while working on this case.

I feel they are of some importance, especially as someone has taken the time, money and risk to publicise them in a UK newspaper.

As with The Fan, I feel we may have missed this one, having been given time to prepare for whatever it is… Could this be another assassination call?

To whoever took out the announcement – I am a person, not a number. No more assassinations!

New Times Announcement

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New Edward Spencer announcement, in the Times newspaper…

Unlike the previous two, this one has no date reference, so seems that it could be the last one. I can’t get my head around the meaning, but the way it is written suggests it concludes a series of instructions or something.

Times Newspaper Announcement - 25 July 2008

Times Newspaper Announcement - 25 July 2008

To Jock…

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I really liked James “Jock” Forsythe, he was very supportive of me, to the point of breaking ranks with the rest of the Surer Risk pack.

To treat him this way is a travesty, life really can’t be that cheap! I am very sad, and find it hard to express how bitter I feel towards anyone who had a hand in this shady matter. Who would want him silenced, and why? Am I next in line for digging up some old secret? You won’t be the first, so don’t even try frightening me, I don’t scare easily!

You will never silence us, and I will do everything in my power to uncover your shady past. I am not alone, kill me and others will take up the search for truth and uncover your dark secrets.

I will miss you Jock.

Bogey Man “Wheat!” Game on, you are going down! I will frustrate you to the point of handing yourself over to the police.

A Death in the Family

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I have just heard news that James Forsythe – a dear friend, mentor and comrade has passed away, in what I can only call mysterious circumstances. It is alleged he committed suicide, which I know is not his thing. My heart is saddened to think such a great man has gone.

This is very sad day.

Triumph, but more to it than meets the eye

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Back from Germany, tying up the last few loose ends of the Replay case. I have the missing security tape, we know what went on during the burglary, and we know who was responsible. What we don’t know is what happened to the stuff, which is kind of crucial. I’d tell the world about it because some of the details are pretty funny, but this is business and client confidentiality is important.

What I can tell you  is what VJ and I have been cooking up. Because this whole thing ran longer than expected and I don’t know anyone else in Hamburg, he and I have spent a lot of evenings out on the town, spending my handsome per-diem on  the local brau, and talking about buried treasure. And Violette Summer.

So here’s a few titbits. One of the reasons all of this has taken so long is because there was something going on at Replay. I can say that because Replay’s not my client, they’re just a third party. Something going on. The theft wasn’t an inside job, but let’s just say that some of the members of staff there had more than a simple professional interest in having Violette Summer’s possessions on the premises. It’s long been rumoured that the key to her last message was hidden somewhere in her stuff, that she’d left it behind in London when she was parachuted into France, and it looks like someone at Replay was after it.

The second thing is that at the start of our discussions both VJ and I were skeptics. We didn’t believe that Violette Summer’s final cache existed. But after a lot of discussion, mulling of evidence, mulling of cocktails and some stuff we’re not quite ready to talk about yet, we—well, we’re not converts and we’re not going to drop everything, grab shovels and go poncing around Normandy digging holes in fields.

But we do think there’s a lot of mis- and dis-information floating around right now, and we want to do something about that. So we’re setting up a website, Real Street Urchins, as a discussion-forum and clearinghouse for information on Violette and the sudden gush of interest in her history.

Because, when it comes down to it, neither of us are sure that we trust The Fan.

More news when it happens.

Gold Rush in Texas

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Gold, instructions, money and the mystery of Peter Hayder all in one weekend –  Texas was the place to be, and I am elated we are cracking this one together.

An inspired piece of detective work by Addlepated, of Austin who uncovered a cache hidden in Fredericksburg, blowing open a 10 year plot to re-assign an identity, smuggling someone into the USA.

This has stirred up more questions about what happened in 1998, who Peter Hayder really is, what the gold was to be used for, and who are the nameless / shadowy people behind this weirdness.

I’ve been trying to work this out all weekend: Ebersbach came from somewhere in the Eastern Bloc, but met an untimely death in France where I found a cache. Whoever the guy was, one thing is certain – he didn’t make the transformation to Peter Hayder. So who was he, and how did the person currently working at Surer become Peter Hayder?

I am now hell-bent on finding out what these people  are up to, and any assistance is truly appreciated. For me it’s a case of ‘finders keepers’, Addlepated keeps what she found, and there could be a lot more surprises out there, all I ask is please share any information you find.

I now find myself obsessing about this whole episode, and often find my mind wandering.

Still holed up in Hamburg, making some progress with my investigation, watching and logging hours of closed circuit video footage at the Replay Studios office. I’m slowly going stir-crazy, but it’s almost over, and I seem to be learning a bit more about this Violette character.

We may have rattled a hornets nest, and these guys have been known to play dirty – be careful.