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OK! Now you’ve pissed me off royally! WTF! Can’t people just mind their own business! What a waste of effort, for what? So some joker can try to play god!

I don’t know whether you are just dumb or trying to be an irritant, but you’ve succeeded in wasting my money and my time. As if I wouldn’t notice that this stuff has been part of the company inventory at some stage – the joke is on you.

Here’s a bit of advice – hallmarks cover areas, regions, dates, etc. You can try to fool me, but the Assay Office knows when something isn’t genuine – as a matter of fact they can trace the origins of a precious metal through the hallmark, and even run tests.



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Great weather for walking. Locals seemed fun, even when confronted by a muddy englishman. Another joyful day. I can’t contain my excitement! I may have to cut short my trip, and head home early – we’l see what tomorrow brings.


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Another quick trip across the pond – wine, great cheese and some searching. I love taking time off from work, and having the chance to wander around in the wild, especially in rural France, where I seem to be spend most of my work life these days. Business trips never offer the opportunity to experience much culture.

To be honest I love of most of the country, just not the over populated cities. I am a country boy at heart, and this place has some awe inspiring history… 😉

I’ve decided to take a plunge. Where this leads, lard gawd knows! w00t!

Life in the fast lane

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Seems things are moving up! Hamburg was a blast, met up with The Man, had a nice chat. If this works out we’re on the gravy train. Stayed at a Japanese themed hotel, very nice, even had sashimi for breakfast. I could really get used to this life.

Listening to Ursula Rocker and King Britt on the laptop, air is chilly, the city feels good. Loads of street art, spent the evening walking the back streets. Maybe a move to Hamburg, if things pan-out. I have to rush back to London – it’s BST, and I can calibrate IWM now.
hotel rooomHamburg morning, through my hotel window