Going Hayder…

I had a call from a colleague at Surer this morning, asking whether I had leaked information on Hayder to someone in America – I said “no”.

Seems Hayder spent the weekend in the office. They found him in the same clothes he had last week, looking “haggard, worried and had a wild air about him.”

Apparently he flew into a rage while grilling someone about the last Times announcement – allegedly saying “It’s all lost! I’m doomed, the message was lost!” Raging that “if anything happens to me, do you think you’ll be safe?” She started crying, he told her to “get out!”

From what I gather, he’s worried about several things:

  • The Times announcement not getting through – which leads me to believe he’s waiting for some response.
  • Something horrible could be about to happen to him.
  • Someone in America has uncovered something that may compromise his position at Surer.

I know that Snow White is in America, is this your handiwork?


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