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People in small offices, weilding godly power…

Posted in 1 with tags , , , , , , , , on July 31, 2008 by dancorrigan

I’ve mentioned Surer Risks history in previous posts, they have been around for years having initially been set up during WWII. One thing remains very undefined, and that is who owns Surer and which areas of industry the company has interests in.

One department springs to mind (I have to be very careful here) – the Rapid Recovery Project, otherwise known as RRP, a division of Surer Risk, run out of its Zurich office (and therefore beyond the oversight of London). I really don’t know what required rapid recovery, as I was one of the company’s main operatives, and nothing I was involved in needed urgent attention, well not of that kind anyway.

As far as I know, RRP has been run principally by Anthony Blatchford, one of Surer Risk’s trustees, but Edward Kamm and Peter Hayder recently been appointed to the Surer Risk board, have been drafted in to oversee the smooth running of the operation. Though this is a small unit in London, I believe it has deeper roots in Switzerland, which pre-dates the UK department. The people who work in RRP are kept apart from the UK staff, to be honest they are all drafted in from the Zurich office. The department handled business in the sunnier parts of the world, more akin to conflict areas, and having watched the Trustees Meeting video, I believe they are responsible for all the new and emerging business interest. Surer may have been protecting us from prosecution – UK law prevents us from doing anything that breaks a UN or UK law.

I now realise that the files I found on RRP reference a directory on the company server. The main document is in german, and looks like a spreadsheet or progress report, but I can’t make sense of it.

Prior to being appointed a trustee, Hayder controlled access to the RRP directory, and members of the unit reported to him. Ask anyone at Surer what RRP does, and you’ll draw a blank.

I’ll get back to you on our Hayder, once I find out how his first night in the slammer went. Did I ever mention he’s a Marlena Dietrich nut?


Summer is here, so is work

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Not much to do other than ponder what next. Holiday is about to be cancelled, but summer seems to be here in London, and I am feeling better than last week.

I wish the funny-farm would stop emailing me. I made the mistake of leaving my addy on a public forum, and now I am being asked questions I can’t actually answer. I am sure Snow has a hand in this.

Plans for the meet are ramping up, some chaos in the planning, which I don’t understand. The company is doing well, Trustees aren’t particularly interested in anything other than the company making money. Surer has done some amazing business over the past year, with operations in France, Germany, China, Tibet and much more. My role in biz dev should be acknowledged, can’t wait to see the actual report before it is handed to the trustees.

Old boy reunion…

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I went to see The Orb at Scala on Thursday night. It was like a college reunion, the average age of the crowd was 40ish. Music brought back memories of dancing in fields, and travelling long distances for a party. It kind of shows how long I have been on location, this was the first gig I’ve been to where there has been no smoking – we had our smoking ban last June or so…

These pictures capture some of the hazy moments of the gig, I am sure the visuals were meant to represent the trippy good old days.

My French Takeaway…

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Amazing what you find in a remote part of France…

I’ve been here for the past week, and it’s quiet, which is great for me. No one disturbs a geeky brit, wandering around in the undergrowth in the country.

All this in contrast to the activity on the other side of the pond. The French aren’t particularly bothered about the so called Entente Formidable. Sarkozy and his lovely lady are wowing the press in the UK, over here they are more conservative in their approach. I doubt whether they’ll ever forgive him for getting divorced.

A little bird tells me that there’s Snow in London. It’s almost unbelievable that this is happening – Snow and Sarkozy in the UK at the same time? I am sure they are probably meeting th same people!

Working outdoors, pays off! A little dig here, turn a stone there and presto! This will keep me going for a long time yet.

To the winner, go the spoils…

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