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I went to France, and all I got was the sack!

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After finding the buried cache in France, I headed back to the UK and called a friend who trades antiquities, giving him details of what I had found. I also sent him an email with some pictures.

He has contacts, and he’s moved a lot of the stuff I’ve found over the years. He phoned me a day later with details of three potential collectors, all eager to see what I had found, one of them saying he’d beat any price offered by anyone else. But there was a condition: that I did not tamper with an unopened letter that was part of the cache. No sweat, I had the jewelery, notes and coins, and while I’d have been interested in these papers if they were WWII-vintage, as I’d thought they would be when I was digging them up, an envelope not even a decade old doesn’t get me twitching. So my trader sets up a meeting with the guy.

As it turned out that weekend was mad, loads of drink and craziness – this is the weekend of the 3rd-4th we’re talking about. By Sunday lunchtime I was nursing a major hangover, staggering around town, taking pictures in a hazy frame of mind. Everything was a blur and a lot of it still is. I met up with this collector at the Churchill Arms in Kensington, the only place in London that does a decent Thai meal in a pub atmosphere. The guy was pretty persistent about “doing the deal” as soon as possible, as if there was a degree of urgency about meeting me.

He introduced himself as “Vic”, he was tall, European looking, and pretty nondescript in a menacing sort-of-way. After going through the pleasantries I showed him what I had, and he said what he would pay – a big surprise for me, as I got more than £900 more for it than I had planned. The only snag was he went through my camera and deleted all the pictures I had taken of the documents, saying he was paying for exclusivity and anonymity and all that bollocks. Fortunately he wasn’t bothered about the jewelery and money shots(!)

I’ve got no way of contacting the guy myself, and my trader mate won’t give me any details about him – “protecting his client base” – or even pass on a message. I think the documents I sold him may be linked to this whole debacle, and I want some answers! Anyone got any links into the world of collectors or leads I could follow?


Bank Holiday Madness

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So they have advertised my job – guess there’s no going back now. I’m tempted to apply for it under a different name, just to f*ck with them.

I am taking advice on starting up my own little venture – time to capitalise on my hobby. First port of call – the details in the Normandy cache. Now I need those documents – in particular the letter, more than ever. The buyer isn’t returning my attempts to contact him. This has taken up my whole weekend, even the bank holiday has been wasted phone bashing, and sending emails, waiting for a reply.

That was fast….

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I got a call from Surer today, asking me to hand my company mobile phone back. I asked how things were going, and was told Hayder is now running the show – “doctrine according to RRP”. Now taking orders from Switzerland! FFS! This is incredible.

Down, but NOT out!

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If you are reading my blog, you may have had a hand in my downfall. I am not bitter about this, especially as  I was set up by Snow White. She’s been playing us all!

So, here I am out of work, no more monthly Surer wage, and I need help finding out what is going on. There’s more to this than you and I may realise.

While clearing out my desk and computer files, I happened to find information that relates to my sacking – well that’s not entirely true. The information relates to something Snow mentioned prior to my French adventure, and an addressed envelope that was in the cache.

Unfortunately, I sold all the documents and jewelery-type things to an anonymous WWII collector, but I remember the name on the sealed envelope, and the initials on some of the documents. The name (which I am currently researching) was referenced to a 1998 incident where a Surer Risk assessor disappeared in  the same region of France, which is probably why the company freaked when I started asking questions.

Snow also mentioned that the cache I found was “part of a pair”, but didn’t tell me where the other was buried, but I don’t know whether this is another set-up.

If anyone is interested in helping me with this, I’d appreciate the assistance. I was going to post this to Violette’s Dream, but it’s now personal, and shouldn’t be confused with the gold hunt that seems to be going on.

I have changed my email address, not surprising as I have been sacked. Anything sent to Surer may be intercepted, so no messages to the old addy. I will reply to Violette’s Dream PM’s.

Life in the outside lane

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Well, that was a weekend. I may still be drunk, I’m not sure. Nothing like celebrating losing your job so publicly that you’ll never work in the industry again by going out and spending far too much money on booze.

Essentially, Surer Risk can go to hell. I’m done with them. One door closes so another gets kicked in, as they say.

What I did want to say, now I don’t have to be nice about Surer Risk any more, is a bit of an explanation about what happened on Saturday. Apart from the bit where I got fired. The pretext, prequel, whatever you want. I’m going to keep it short because the noise from this keyboard is making my head hurt.

Last month I went over to France, following a trail of clues. This was not a work thing, this was a personal bit of exploration. Someone had fed me some evidence that looked a trail leading to a WWII-era cache in… I’m not going to say where. I found the place, and dug it up.

But it wasn’t WWII. It was modern. Judging by the hallmarks on the gold, no more than ten years old. And the hallmarks are from a company that Surer has… let’s call it a ‘strategic alliance’ with. Plus some documents in a sealed envelope that I didn’t open and no longer own.

I’ve been asking questions, and nobody’s been giving me answers. That was the reason I got busted onto desk duty at work, and then defenestrated at the Trustees Meeting, ‘Gross misconduct’ my ass. They wanted me out of the picture.

But that doesn’t answer the question: who’s burying gold in France, and why? I went back to the person who set me on its path. Called herself Snow White. Trail’s gone cold. If you know anything about this character, contact me urgently: I need to speak to her.

I know the Fan knows something, but all I get is silence there too.

What just happened?

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In an effort to get my stalkers to give me some peace…

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I work for Surer Risk, a 60-year-old insurance company specialising in mining and mineral extraction. It was set up by the Foreign Office in the 1950s to help British mining interests abroad. Since then it’s diversified but it’s still basically an insurance company. Insurance. Not international sabotage or weapons sales or genocide or anything. No skeletons here.

I’m a senior operative in the Asset Retrieval department. When a valuable object is stolen or goes missing, the company that’s insured it wants to retrieve it, so the claim won’t have to be paid or (if the claim has been paid already ) then the object legally belongs to the company and can be sold. This is what I do: I track down missing property. Mining gear, industrial prototypes, unrefined diamonds, that kind of thing. Once in a rare moon it might be a piece of art or jewellery, or a vintage car. And I’m good at it.

I’ve loved this kind of thing since I was a kid. Dad used to bury stuff on the Heath and draw us big, intricate maps to find them, to make up for the fact he was hardly ever home. The map would arrive in the post with stamps from Hong Kong or Brazil or South Africa, and we’d bunk off school to trace out where this new treasure was. A watch, a Swiss Army knife, a kilo of chocolate, and once a big Scalextric set buried two feet down, wrapped in bin-liners and lashed with tape to protect it from the damp earth. Best days ever.

That’s my job: I dig things up. Most of the time metaphorically. Rarely there’s actual spades involved. But that’s it. It’s all legal and above-board. I’m one of the good guys, for heaven’s sake, I find stuff and return it to its owners. I do not believe that Violette Summer’s final cache exists, I am not trying to find it either for my bosses or for myself, and I think that anyone who goes hunting it is an idiot. Now will you leave me alone.