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Down, but NOT out!

Posted in 1 with tags , , , , , , , on May 21, 2008 by dancorrigan

If you are reading my blog, you may have had a hand in my downfall. I am not bitter about this, especially as  I was set up by Snow White. She’s been playing us all!

So, here I am out of work, no more monthly Surer wage, and I need help finding out what is going on. There’s more to this than you and I may realise.

While clearing out my desk and computer files, I happened to find information that relates to my sacking – well that’s not entirely true. The information relates to something Snow mentioned prior to my French adventure, and an addressed envelope that was in the cache.

Unfortunately, I sold all the documents and jewelery-type things to an anonymous WWII collector, but I remember the name on the sealed envelope, and the initials on some of the documents. The name (which I am currently researching) was referenced to a 1998 incident where a Surer Risk assessor disappeared in  the same region of France, which is probably why the company freaked when I started asking questions.

Snow also mentioned that the cache I found was “part of a pair”, but didn’t tell me where the other was buried, but I don’t know whether this is another set-up.

If anyone is interested in helping me with this, I’d appreciate the assistance. I was going to post this to Violette’s Dream, but it’s now personal, and shouldn’t be confused with the gold hunt that seems to be going on.

I have changed my email address, not surprising as I have been sacked. Anything sent to Surer may be intercepted, so no messages to the old addy. I will reply to Violette’s Dream PM’s.