To Jock…

I really liked James “Jock” Forsythe, he was very supportive of me, to the point of breaking ranks with the rest of the Surer Risk pack.

To treat him this way is a travesty, life really can’t be that cheap! I am very sad, and find it hard to express how bitter I feel towards anyone who had a hand in this shady matter. Who would want him silenced, and why? Am I next in line for digging up some old secret? You won’t be the first, so don’t even try frightening me, I don’t scare easily!

You will never silence us, and I will do everything in my power to uncover your shady past. I am not alone, kill me and others will take up the search for truth and uncover your dark secrets.

I will miss you Jock.

Bogey Man “Wheat!” Game on, you are going down! I will frustrate you to the point of handing yourself over to the police.


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