Triumph, but more to it than meets the eye

Back from Germany, tying up the last few loose ends of the Replay case. I have the missing security tape, we know what went on during the burglary, and we know who was responsible. What we don’t know is what happened to the stuff, which is kind of crucial. I’d tell the world about it because some of the details are pretty funny, but this is business and client confidentiality is important.

What I can tell you  is what VJ and I have been cooking up. Because this whole thing ran longer than expected and I don’t know anyone else in Hamburg, he and I have spent a lot of evenings out on the town, spending my handsome per-diem on  the local brau, and talking about buried treasure. And Violette Summer.

So here’s a few titbits. One of the reasons all of this has taken so long is because there was something going on at Replay. I can say that because Replay’s not my client, they’re just a third party. Something going on. The theft wasn’t an inside job, but let’s just say that some of the members of staff there had more than a simple professional interest in having Violette Summer’s possessions on the premises. It’s long been rumoured that the key to her last message was hidden somewhere in her stuff, that she’d left it behind in London when she was parachuted into France, and it looks like someone at Replay was after it.

The second thing is that at the start of our discussions both VJ and I were skeptics. We didn’t believe that Violette Summer’s final cache existed. But after a lot of discussion, mulling of evidence, mulling of cocktails and some stuff we’re not quite ready to talk about yet, we—well, we’re not converts and we’re not going to drop everything, grab shovels and go poncing around Normandy digging holes in fields.

But we do think there’s a lot of mis- and dis-information floating around right now, and we want to do something about that. So we’re setting up a website, Real Street Urchins, as a discussion-forum and clearinghouse for information on Violette and the sudden gush of interest in her history.

Because, when it comes down to it, neither of us are sure that we trust The Fan.

More news when it happens.


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