Gold Rush in Texas

Gold, instructions, money and the mystery of Peter Hayder all in one weekend –  Texas was the place to be, and I am elated we are cracking this one together.

An inspired piece of detective work by Addlepated, of Austin who uncovered a cache hidden in Fredericksburg, blowing open a 10 year plot to re-assign an identity, smuggling someone into the USA.

This has stirred up more questions about what happened in 1998, who Peter Hayder really is, what the gold was to be used for, and who are the nameless / shadowy people behind this weirdness.

I’ve been trying to work this out all weekend: Ebersbach came from somewhere in the Eastern Bloc, but met an untimely death in France where I found a cache. Whoever the guy was, one thing is certain – he didn’t make the transformation to Peter Hayder. So who was he, and how did the person currently working at Surer become Peter Hayder?

I am now hell-bent on finding out what these people  are up to, and any assistance is truly appreciated. For me it’s a case of ‘finders keepers’, Addlepated keeps what she found, and there could be a lot more surprises out there, all I ask is please share any information you find.

I now find myself obsessing about this whole episode, and often find my mind wandering.

Still holed up in Hamburg, making some progress with my investigation, watching and logging hours of closed circuit video footage at the Replay Studios office. I’m slowly going stir-crazy, but it’s almost over, and I seem to be learning a bit more about this Violette character.

We may have rattled a hornets nest, and these guys have been known to play dirty – be careful.


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