Walk the walk – start as me, come back you

Making progress here in Hamburg. I can’t say too much but I’m 90% sure the missing tape still exists and 60% sure I know where it is. The problems – two of them – is that I don’t know how to get it back yet, and I’ve got no clue what’s on it when I do. My mind is torn between the job here, and reading about the revelations as they unfold way out in Fredericksburg – I would so love to be there, even if I don’t get to the cache first.

I am spending my days going through a whole load of security videos, and my nights exploring the city. Whoever broke into the Replay Studios offices did a really thorough job of covering their tracks. Replay have not been properly logging or labelling their surveillance tapes, which doesn’t help. It’s long dull work but I’m being paid by the day, so this isn’t worrying me at all.

My primary job is to ascertain who would want to steal the artifacts, anything I find along the way is a bonus – technically it should be passed to the police but I’m not going to be precious about that. So when I say I’m exploring the city at night, I don’t mean I’m sticking to the tourist routes, wearing a gaudy tee-shirt, or carrying a big in-yer-face camera… though I am taking photographs. Actually we have done some sightseer stuff and VJ took me to the Reeperbahn – well we walked past it, the street was closed off. I was a bit merry on the drink, and didn’t have the danglies to try it. But St Pauli ‘FTW’, as my nephew keeps saying.

The cache may require some impersonation to get at, especially as it was left for the person who met an untimely demise in 1998. Time will tell, but I too am curious to know what is in the book, and where it leads. Having unearthed the French box of tricks, I believe the trail to this one will also have a staggered process, but if you can work out its secrets it should take no time at all.

The path to it is likely labyrinthine but circular… books reserved at stores, locations off the beaten track, even caches hidden in the most unassuming of places. I should have used my last days at Surer Risk to see if there was any information in the archives on who sets these things up. After my original tip off I started my hunt outside a crêperie, which led to a walk down along a nature trail, only to end up back where I started. Take a walk as someone, come back as someone else… A chance to shed an identity in a matter of minutes.

Dangerous? Possibly. Just because the people who set it up haven’t reclaimed it in ten years doesn’t mean it’s going to stay that way. Don’t count on it being there forever.


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