Virtuous Reality

So I am here in Hamburg, working on something that seems real, but is a virtual representation of what I have been involved in for the past few months. It often gets confusing – with me asking “Which Violette Summer are you referring to, the real one or the game?” In this world, they all seem the same, especially as the real Violette’s stuff was stolen from the Replay offices.

My first quest is to see whether the stuff has any actual value outside the normal collector circles, or if this ties in with my adventures in France. I can’t go into detail about the actual pieces, but needless to say, if they are connected to her last cache, it could be something of national importance to a few countries – UK, Germany, and France.

They are still not giving me an ‘in’ on the game-play details of Velvet Assassin, but it looks pretty awesome – quite close to the real thing, especially the locations – the actual places where she operated in WWII.

More from me when the trust is in place.

Has anyone managed to crack the gobbledygook yet? If so, kindly let me know!


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