Smart cookies

I am in Hamburg, meeting new people – VJ is a cool guy, knowledgeable, measured and I am sure he wont mind me saying ‘German”. Things are hectic – being an outsider, letting me in on company secrets and confidential stuff means I need to gain some trust here. First thing is what was stolen, how can it be used and does it relate to the fevered attention that Violette Summer is currently getting?

I am not sure why someone broke in, especially as all this could be a myth – The Fan thinks otherwise. My father would be proud of me right now – using all he taught me on those cold Saturday mornings out on the beach with metal detecting equipment – he used to say “mark the spot in your note book, son, and you’ll be able to retrace your steps. Look for landmarks, and use your compass.” The compass became the GPS, and now a coded telephone number looks like GPS coordinates. Tel: (302)75 98870 = +30.275 -98.870. I am certain that there’s something of importance out there and we need to find it NOW.


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