Here’s to new beginnings…

When I was a kid I wanted to be Indiana Jones. Just because, you know. He was Indiana Jones. He wasn’t magic and he didn’t have a raygun, he was just doing what he thought was right and having what looked like hard fun along the way. The world was a better place for him being a part of it, and lots of Nazis died.

Have you seen the new movie? Part four? I’m not much of a film critic but I have to say that right now, as of this moment, Indiana Jones doesn’t have shit on me.

After a series of very interesting phone conferences, Corrigan Recovery LLP will start operations at 9AM tomorrow morning. I’ve found a backer (actually he found me) who knows my reputation and who’s invested in my idea of an asset-recovery business with a sideline in long-lost historical artefact’s. It’s a serious proposition, we’ve got cash-flow forecasts and revenue models and some very tedious Excel documents, and we are confident that there is money to be made and we are the people to make it.

And during my first lunch-hour as my own boss I’m going to toddle down to Herbert Johnson Hatters on St James’s Street and buy myself a felt fedora, just like… well, you know. Because the moment it stops being fun is the moment I stop.


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